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CORMALL was founded in November 1961 by A P Hansen for the development and production of steel plate mills for the livestock industry. During the next ten years, the company became specialists in on-farm grain milling and mixing. Thousands of steel plate mills were sold all over the world, many are still in use today - a testament to the durability and design skills of CORMALL.
The Cormall Multi-Shredder RBS 260 from Danagri-3S. The Cormall MTX-H Mixer Shredder from Danagri-3S.
The Cormall Multi-Shredder RBS 260 The Cormall MTX-H Mixer Shredder

Around 1972, A P Hansen developed his first tractor driven straw mill, as farmers were looking to both chopped straw for bedding and a new concept in straw-based ruminant feeds that was being developed in Denmark. Following this success, the Horizontal KB Mixer was designed specifically for straw-based diets, incorporating molasses and concentrates into the mix.

In 1983, the Multimix stationary diet mixer was developed which mixed straw, silage, roots and other feeds for dairy and ruminant markets.

The oil crisis of 1973 prompted the development of straw burning systems which could make use of cheap arable by-products to save energy costs. CORMALL started mutual co-operation with straw boiler manufacturers and specialised in straw preparation to straw heating systems.

In 1987, Peter E Hansen took over the company from his father and started developing the business into the CORMALL Holding Group we see today.

Since then, Peter Hansen has overseen CORMALL develop an industrial market for its straw processing machinery, with clients such as paper mills, power stations, non-peat based compost producers and straw board factories, which source straw as a raw material.
The RJA range of Industrial Hammer Mills from Danagri-3S The Cormall MTX-H Mixer Shredder, distribution silo feeding 2 x hammer mills
The RJA range of Industrial Hammer Mills The Cormall MTX-H Mixer Shredder, distribution silo feeding 2 x hammer mills
The types of straw which can be processed include barley, wheat, oat and many other farming and farm industry produced fibres - which would normally be wasted.

Other companies within the CORMALL group include ABC Hansen (export house), Grama (wood working factory) and Destec (briquetting plant).

All of the CORMALL group companies are placed in Europe, but our activities reach worldwide.
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