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Danagri-3S offers a comprehensive range of high quality Damas grain and seed cleaning/grading machines with capacities ranging from a few to several hundred tonnes/hour.
The Damas Omega Cleaner from Danagri-3S.The Damas range of grain and seed cleaning/grading machines includes the following:-

Pulco - capacity up to 300 t/h (wheat)
Lofco - capacity up to 360 t/h (precleaning, wheat)
Sigma - capacity up to 220 t/h (precleaning, wheat)
Omega - capacity up to 300 t/h (precleaning)
Vibam - capacity up to 40 t/h (precleaning, barley)
UniSeed/DuoSeed - capacity up to 60 t/h (precleaning, wheat)
Combi V - capacity up to 8 t/h (barley)
Hotyp - capacity up to 15 t/h (wheat)
SB Table - capacity up to 12 t/h (wheat)
Zeta - capacity up to 15 t/h (wheat)
The Damas Pulco cleaner from Danagri-3S

  • efficiently separates both light and heavy crops by air
  • can be used in any plant situation: for precleaning at intake, for additional air cleaning in a fine cleaning process, for cereal seed before dressing, for industrial cleaning, or for malt at outloading
  • designed to do the best possible cleaning under all circumstances, also for fractionating kernels using a separating chamber
  • simple, environmentally compatible construction which is easy to operate - can be provided with remote control
  • economical and efficient power use and is self-cleaning
  • is low-noise, produces no vibrations and requires a small footprint
  • with a comprehensive programme of accessories in modules ensures future proofing

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The Damas Lofco cleaner from Danagri-3S

  • highly efficient aspirator with built-in air recycling system for the separation of light particles from grain, seed and other granulated material
  • newly developed turbo-technique combined with a frequency operated fan
  • a double worm is located over feed rollers ensuring even distribution of the material
  • capacity can be adjusted by means of a feed slide at the feed roller allowing for efficient separation
  • compact, easy to operate and environmentally compatible construction
  • economical and efficient power use and is self-cleaning
  • is low-noise, produces no vibrations and requires a small footprint
  • feed roller with frequency-controlled motor for speed regulation is available as an option
The Damas Sigma cleaner from Danagri-3S

  • a high-capacity pre-cleaning and grading machine for malting barley grading, intervention standard cleaning, as well as industrial cleaning of cereals and hard seeds. It is also capable of cleaning cereal seed under certain circumstances
  • the surface polishing effect of the rotary screens results in a much higher standard of hygiene in cereals with a reduction of bacteria and fungi
  • requires a small footprint and can therefore easily be built into existing plants
  • almost vibration-free because of the rotary screen action around the central axis, the Sigma is also suitable for mobile installations
  • ideally suited for cleaning humid and oleaginous seeds using its centrifugal principle
  • easily rotatable outlets and door for screen changing allows for flexible planning
  • minimum adjustments during operation, with the option of electronic control
  • the machine is totally enclosed, ensuring low-noise and dustfree environment
  • rotary motion and self-adjusting roller brushes ensure efficient cleaning of grading screens
The Damas Omega cleaner from Danagri-3S

  • a very flexible machine that can be used for all cleaning and grading tasks from pre-cleaning to fine cleaning
  • available in a number of different designs and sizes for different purposes, with or without recycling air systems for adaptation to local requirements for exchange of air, recovery of heat, etc.
  • air systems for pre- and aftersuction are totally separate for individual and independent adjustments to simplify operation, increasing efficiency
  • the machine is enclosed and is comparatively noiseless
  • screen boxes are made of wear resistant Wisa-form plywood, approved for food use
  • screen cleaning is by means of special rubber balls
  • variable feed control as standard
  • material is distributed on screens by means of worms (optional for some macines)
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The Damas Vibam cleaner from Danagri-3S

  • a universal machine well suited for pre- and fine cleaning a wide range of grain and heavy seeds
  • standard design provided with both pre- and aftersuction units
  • fast screen changing from precleaning to fine cleaning by the operator optimizes cleaning tasks
  • a very competitive machine regarding price, capacity, function and operation
  • thoroughly tested technology
  • easy and quick operation and screen changing
  • screen boxes are made of wear resistant Wisa-form plywood, approved for food use
  • screen cleaning is by means of special rubber balls
  • built-in light
  • durable machine surface with high-quality powder lacquering
The Damas Uniseed cleaner from Danagri-3S

  • DuoSeed is two UniSeed machines, built together
  • a new generation of easy to operate, galvanized steel cleaning machines aimed at large farms and small industrial users, with flexible production giving good quality cleaning results
  • modular screen cleaning machines are available in several versions, with feeding devices and with or without clipper-de-awner and a presuction unit as required
  • high capacity per m2 screen and high quality cleaning gives good return on investment
  • screen cleaning is by means of special rubber balls
  • few vibrations and quick screen changing
  • screens are firmly fixed during operation
The Damas Combi cleaner from Danagri-3S

  • a complete cereal seed cleaning plant consisting of a clipper-de-awner, a cleaning machine with air systems and a short grain indented cylinder
  • compact, rugged steel construction facilitates solid installation
  • infinitely variable flap at the bottom of the clipper-de-awner allows adjustment from zero to maximum clipping efficiency
  • efficient pre- and aftersuction and a screen system with long grain separation and precise separation by thickness
  • indented cylinder is provided with built-in stirrer for efficient short grain separation and material-repellent seals approved for food
  • clipper-de-awner with exchangeable wire mesh and wear plates
  • screen boxes of wear resisting Wisa-form plywood (food approved) and screen cleaning with special rubber balls
  • built-in light
  • durable machine surface with high-quality powder lacquering

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The Damas Hotyp cleaner from Danagri-3S

  • designed for industrial operation of the precise separation of cereals and seed by length after screen and air cleaning - short and long grains are removed
  • a stirrer in the short grain indented cylinder improves separation efficiency
  • the long grain indented cylinder is provided with an optimizer for optimum exploitation of the cover area
  • for both short and long grain separation, 2 indented cylinders can be located over each other so that the material is first short grain separated in the upper indented cylinder and then long grain separated in the lower indented cylinder
  • a flexible modular design permits custom-built designs with distribution indented cylinders for e.g. grass seed or with several parallel indented cylinders for malting barley or the like
  • built-in two-way distributor in the outlet module for change over of short and long material
  • possibility of sampling
  • connection to aspiration for dust-free operation
  • material-repellent seals are approved for food
  • optional electronic remote control of the trough
The Damas SB Table cleaner from Danagri-3S

  • the SB table separates grain, rice, etc. by specific gravity, after previous separation by thickness and length
  • unlike other systems, the SB table is also capable of separating materials with the same gravity, but with a different bouncing effect
  • separates material into 2 fractions - usually a light one and a heavy one
  • the SB table separator considerably improves the quality of the final product as it removes unwanted material such as grains without germination capacity, foreign grains, stones, unshelled material, ergots, hard grains from malt, etc.
  • sturdy and thoroughly tested drive system makes the machine particularly reliable in operation
  • large separating compartments give higher capacity per compartment
  • comparatively noiseless table separator with a very low power consumption compared with alternative methods
  • optional variable stroke length adjustable during operation
  • operates without air; variable speed by frequency converter
The Damas Zeta cleaner from Danagri-3S

The Zeta gravity separator works on a fluidized bed principle; air is forced through the deck causing the light fraction to float above the heavy fraction. The deck is reciprocated causing the heavy fraction to move uphill while the light fraction floats downhill. Variations in deck speed, air quantity, deck type, deck angle, depth of product and take-off points enable Zeta to do a high and constant quality separation. The standard version of the Zeta is designed for manual operation of all functions, but the separator is also available fully computerized with memory function and touch screen allowing pre-settings for very fast and easy adjustment of separation quality. A highly effective fan with filter produces a pressurized airflow through the deck.

  • separators are used to separate products with different specific weights
  • industrial, sturdy steel construction
  • easy installation with simple main power supply connection required for the built-in constrol box. All internal power supplies pre-wired incorporating deck drive inverter, fan drive inverter, starters, overloads and cable to the external control panel
  • easy and user-friendly deck change
  • optional computer control available
  • available with half or full dust hood and recirculation
  • other decks available for many different products
  • deck designed for optimum air distribution
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