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Danagri-3S specialises in fixed equipment sales, predominantly for grain storage, drying, handling and mill mix installations. We are the UK market leader in supplying the world renowned GSI range of Farm, Commercial and Hopper silos together with all the ancilliary equipment for intakes, filling, cooling, drying, ladders, catwalks, stirrers, control systems, emptying systems and every other aspect of Grain Storage equipment. We also supply equipment for on floor storage systems; all of these lines are complimented by our ranges of augers, elevators and conveyors which can handle grain from 10 - 300tph.

Another leading product that we sell, install and service is the popular range of Farm Fans Grain Driers. Over 400 of these machines are now in use in the UK either as batch or continuous flow models.

We offer a complete package from advice to design, drawings, planning, assembly, installation and commissioning plus we also have a team of trained service engineers to give that all important back-up to the products and a comprehensive stock of spare parts at our Bridgnorth office.

Danagri-3S offers a full range of different solutions to grain drying from both GSI and FFI.

The range of grain drying options is from portable systems to fully integrated fixed systems tailored to individual farm needs. We also supply a range of fans and heaters as well as all the accessories that will ensure high quality, efficient on-farm drying facilities.

The GSI Box Drier available from Danagri-3S - click on the image to go to the Box Drier page.
The GSI Box Drier from Danagri-3S
(Click the picture to go to the GSI/FFI Box Drier page)

GSI/FFI grain dryers from Danagri-3S offer all the latest technological advancements you would expect from a quality drying system at a very competitive price.

These single fan dryers feature microprocessor based controls with computer assisted operation and automated load and unload capabilities. The Series 100 computer control eliminates 99% of all moving parts in the control box, such as troublesome timers, mechanical relays, thermostats and time delays. Available in 13 models ranging in capacities from 120bph to 1155bph, these dryers are a reliable system for today's demanding drying applications.

TopDry Systems from Danagri-3S - click on the image to go to the TopDry page.
TopDry Systems from Danagri-3S
(Click the picture to go to the GSI TopDry page)
Grain Drying and Storage Combined. TopDry systems, supplied by Danagri-3S, offer up to 2000 bph drying and storage up to 29000 bu. Heat recycling makes this system extremely energy efficient.

Over the years, it has been repeatedly proven that "in-bin" drying is one of the most efficient methods of drying grain. TopDry goes one step further by integrating features that allow filling, drying and dumping operations to be run automatically for extreme efficiency. And, because TopDry is also a storage bin, crops can be stored on site, then sold at a later date for potentially better returns.


The GSI Modular Tower Dryer from Danagri-3SThe GSI Modular Tower Drier Series uses modular construction to improve overall fit, dependability and speed of installation. Building on site, often referred to as "Stick Built" has been the standard method of construction for the larger tower dryers that the GSI Group manufactures. However, with Modular Tower Drier comes the option to factory assemble a tower dryer in sections, then ship the dryer to the site for final assembly.

GSI Modular Driers have a unique and patent pending feature called the Adjustable Cooling Floor. This floor allows two major improvements to the dryers operation.

In the past, Tower driers were designed for a 67/33 split with its traditional Dry & Cool ability, or the 80/20 split with its ability to achieve greater capacities in grain over 25% or operate in partial cooling mode. It is now possible to have both with the GSI Modular Drier adjustable cooling feature. This feature involves 8 easily moved doors that can change the split from approximately 67/33 to 80/20 and back again in a matter of minutes. Each door can be locked in either position from the service area in the cooling section of the dryer.

The GSI Modular Tower Drier from Danagri-3S (right)


Danagri-3S supplies a complete line of rugged aeration and grain fans and heaters to help maintain grain quality. Choose from a variety of high efficiency vane axial, centrifugal and inline centrifugal fans and heaters all with features designed to reduce cost and boost performance.


Our range of small mobile ST fans are ideal for aeration purposes and are available with 2.2kw, 4.0kw or 5.50kw motor sizes giving outputs between 3,500 and up to 7,800 cubic feet of air per minute.
Images of Aeration Fans above - click to see a larger image
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Danagri offer several versions of fans coupled to heat exchangers to make use of hot water to assist drying. These heat exchangers can vary between 50 and 1200kW with motors on the fans ranging from 3kw to 37kw.

Below are some images of fans and heat exchangers, all available from Danagri. Click each image to see a larger one.
GSI fan & heater - click to see a larger version Centrifugal Fan + Downstream Heater in Evesham - hclick to see a larger version
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Inline Centrifugal Fan available from Danagri-3S.Danagri-3S offer a complete line of aeration and grain conditioning systems to help maintain grain quality. Choose from a variety of high efficiency vane axial, centrifugal and inline centrifugal fans and heaters all with features designed to reduce cost and boost performance.

Delicate drying jobs, such as milo, wheat or rape seed require special consideration. Aerating tall hopper tanks can be another challenge. The inline centrifugal fan is designed to handle both these applications effectively. Suited for high static pressures beyond the performance range of vane-axial fans, the inline centrifugal fan offers the same characteristics of a regular centrifugal fan, however it is much more economical. Sizes range from 1-1/2 HP to 15 HP, 18" to 28" diameters. Transitions are available to connect GSI fans to bins, aeration ducts or concrete entrance ways.

The Inline Centrifugal Fan from Danagri-3S (right)
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Centrifugal Fan available from Danagri-3S.Danagri-3s offers a choice of two centrifugal fans each designed for unique applications. The rugged 3500 RPM fan assures powerful high static pressure grain aeration, and the 1750 RPM fan is available for medium static pressures requiring high airflow. Heavy gauge, galvanized steel housing, curved inlet Venturi, bottom horizontal discharge and integral motor mount are important features of GSI Centrifugal Fans. All fans are statically and dynamically balanced and factory tested for smoothness and motor performance.
Heavy-duty motors are used for both the 1750 and 3500 RPM fans. GSI associates test each motor to ensure durability under tough operating conditions.

Centrifugal Fan from Danagri-3S (left)


Vane-Axial Heaters from Danagri-3S.Whether you're natural air drying or heat drying grain, all drying fans supplied by Danagri-3S give you the option of adding a heater if the need arises. With capacities up to 2.7 million BTU/hr., our vane axial fan and heater combination provide the best in high capacity grain drying. Vane axial heaters are available in 18" through 28" diameter, liquid propane, propane vapour or natural gas.

All Heaters supplied by Danagri-3S include:
Quad Pipe Train and Burner Design to allow the heater to work HI-temp or LOW-temp (down to 10 degree temp rise); Patented blue-burn optimizer on propane models; Transition high limit switch; Liquid filled pressure gauge; Automatic ignition shutoff after proof of flame for extended igniter life.

Vane-Axial Heaters from Danagri-3S (right)
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