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Emptying Systems

Emptying round grain silos has traditionally been a time consuming and unpleasant task once the grain had reached its angle of repose.

Danagri-3S offers two solutions to silo emptying problems. The simple sweep auger machine is carried into the silo once the grain has reached its angle of repose, it then circulates and drops down within the remaining grain and augers back to the centre sump leaving only a simple sweep up operation.

The more popular method, and the latest trend in bin emptying, is for a direct drive Powersweep system to be fitted in the bin. The Powersweep remains in the bin at all times and is operated by an electric motor on the external power head which remains outside the bin. These sweeps are available in 6", 8" and 10" diameter for unloading speeds up to approximately 80 tonnes/hour.

The external power heads are available in three formats: horizontal, 25° incline or vertical.
Simple Sweep Auger Bin Emptying System from Danagri-3S.
Simple Sweep Auger
The Direct Drive Powersweep Bin Emptying System from Danagri-3S.
Direct Drive Powersweep
External Power Head at 25° Incline from Danagri-3S.
External Power Head
8 inch Direct Drive Powersweep from Danagri-3S.
8" Direct Drive Powersweep
Powersweep in action
Powersweep in action
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Tel: 01746 762777. Fax: 01746 764777.