The Livestock Centre, Tasley,
Bridgnorth, Shropshire,
WV16 4QR, UK.
Tel: 01746 762777
Fax: 01746 764777
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Danagri-3S specialises in fixed equipment sales, predominantly for grain storage, drying, handling and mill mix installations. We are the UK market leader in supplying the world renowned GSI range of Farm, Commercial and Hopper silos together with all the ancilliary equipment for intakes, filling, cooling, drying, ladders, catwalks, stirrers, control systems, emptying systems and every other aspect of Grain Storage equipment. We also supply equipment for on floor storage systems; all of these lines are complimented by our ranges of augers, elevators and conveyors which can handle grain from 10 - 300tph.

Another leading product that we sell, install and service is the popular range of Farm Fans Grain Driers. Over 400 of these machines are now in use in the UK either as batch or continuous flow models.

We offer a complete package from advice to design, drawings, planning, assembly, installation and commissioning plus we also have a team of trained service engineers to give that all important back-up to the products and a comprehensive stock of spare parts at our Bridgnorth office.

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The Livestock Centre, Tasley, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16 4QR, UK.
Tel: 01746 762777. Fax: 01746 764777.