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Danagri-3S supplies a range of Grain Spreading equipment from DMC.

When filling any silo, it is important to try and spread the grain out evenly for several reasons:-
  1. It helps give a complete fill
  2. It assists more even drying, cooling and aeration
  3. It stops dust and chaff from forming a column up through the centre of the silos.
We offer three types of Grain Spreader dependant upon your bin size and diameter:-
  1. Conical Grain Spreader - this is a fixed plate system just under the inlet hatch which helps spread grain on silos up to 24' in diameter
  2. Gravity Flow Spreaders - these are fixed just under the inlet of the bin and rotate under the power of the flow of grain, they can be used in bins up to 72' diameter and have capacities up to 250tph
  3. Powered Grain Spreaders - these are commonly used in stirring bin systems and silos from 24' to 48' diameter. They help spread the grain out evenly across the bin so that the stirrers can be started when there is just 3-4' of grain in the silo.
For more information on Grain Spreading equipment from DMC and to download the brochures, click here to go to the DMC website (opens in a new window).
DMC Grain Filling System from Danagri-3S.
Bin Filling System
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