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Danagri-3S can supply a range of SKIOLD Hammermills for Flour Milling to suit any situation and for a variety of different products.

The SKIOLD Universal Hammermills are suitable for milling of all kinds of cereals, cassava, bones, dried fish, spices, straw etc. They can be powered either with electrical motors, petrol or diesel engines.

Capacities range between approx. 150 kg/h and 1500 kg/h according to the raw material and chosen screen size.

Danagri-3S supplies 2 types of SKIOLD Universal Hammermills: the Type SB and the Type DM.
Type SB SKIOLD Hammermill

The heavy mill housing and mill frame are made of thick steel plates to which the strong mill shaft is attached in 2 heavy duty, dustproof, self-lubricating ball bearings.

Inside the mill housing, the 3800 rpm robust rotor is fitted with 16 hammers for grinding up to 11 kinds of dry raw materials. The grinding chamber of the SB Hammermill is easily accessible, which makes screen changing and hammer examination easy. Screen sizes are from 0.7-7mm. The hammers are made from oil hardened special steel and are perfectly balanced to avoid destructive vibrations and are 4 times reversible.

The power can be supplied either by a 7.5-10 HP (2800 rpm) electric motor, an 8 HP (3600 rpm) petrol engine or a 8-11 HP (2000-2300 rpm) diesel engine.


Screen Size
0.7 1.0 1.5 2.5
Sorghum/Millet 90 150 250 400
Rice 80 125 200 350
Maize 150 225 350 500
Cassava 175 300 550 750

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Type SB SKIOLD Hammermill from Danagri-3S
The Type SB SKIOLD Hammermill
Type DM SKIOLD Hammermills

The SKIOLD Type DM hammermills range comprises 3 basic models, the DM-2, the DM-3 and the BM-5, designed for a choice of motors:

  • Direct coupled electric flange motor;
  • V-belt drive for diesel engine;
  • V-belt drive for electric motor.
All SKIOLD Type DM hammermills are characterised by the following:
  • a built-in conveying fan for pneumatic transport,
  • full 360° screen for maximum output per HP applied,
  • replaceable reinforcement liner inside the mill housing,
  • durable 4-Times reversible hammers.
Accessories/Optional Extras:
  • Cyclone with filter arrangement or rain cap on 3-leg support and double bagging off outlet
  • Standard feeding device with capacity adjustment and hopper for grain
  • Special hopper with inlet adjustment and special pre-cutter for cassava, maize cobs and other similar materials
  • Suction chute, pre-cutting knives and special cyclone for cutting straw and similar materials
  • Flexible hose with suction device for sucking grain from raw material bin or from bulk
  • Oil bath gearbox and 3-point linkage suspension lift for P.T.0. tractor drive
  • Indoor bins and outdoor silos for raw materials
  • Transport, weighing and proportioning equipment and bag sewing machines
Type DM SKIOLD Hammermill from Danagri-3S
The Type DM SKIOLD Hammermill
Technical Specifications

  DM-2 DM-3 BM-5
No. of Hammers 16 20 24
RPM of mill 2800 2800 2800
Electric motor/rpm
Diesel motor/rpm

7.5-10 HP/2800
8-16 HP/2000

15-20-25 HP/2800
17-30 HP/2000

40-50 HP/2800
50-80 HP/2000
Output (kgs/hr)
Screen Size

0.7mm   1.5mm
120-150  270-340
80-100   180-225

0.7mm   1.5mm
200-375  450-800
140-250  300-550

0.7mm   1.5mm
480-600  1000-1350
300-400  700-900

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