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Danagri-3S offers the SKIOLD TransPork®, a Cable & Disc dry feed system that complements any mill and mix situation.

The SKIOLD TransPork® Dry Feed System from Danagri-3SThe SKIOLD TransPork® from Danagri-3S is a cable and disc Dry Feed system. It consists of a Drive Unit, Cable and Discs, a stainless steel Hopper and a range of Control Panels.

The system comes in 2 sizes: 50.8 mm and 63.5 mm with capacities ranging from 400 to 2100 kg/hour.

The Drive Unit of the SKIOLD TransPork® Dry Feed System from Danagri-3SDrive Unit
The TransPork® Drive Unit consists of a wide diameter drive wheel, securing a safe gear and allowing for minimum bending of the cable. The drive wheel is mounted on a rubber suspension, which reduces kick-load when starting up. The drive unit is reversible and the direction can be adapted to suit housing conditions.

The drive unit can either be floor or wall mounted. An integrated console on the drive unit prevents cable breakage in case of overload by foreign bodies etc., and furthermore, it is equipped with a switch which automatically stops the plant if the cable gets too loose. An outside indicator shows when the cable needs tightening and when a possible shortening is necessary.

The Stainless Steel Hopper for the SKIOLD TransPork® Dry Feed System from Danagri-3SHopper
The SKIOLD Echberg hopper is simple in design with a stainless steel cabinet for outdoor as well as indoor use. The hopper can either be free standing or suspended under a silo. It has a standard inlet but is also available with special connections. Feed quantity can easily be adjusted and proportioning can be checked through an inspection glass.

The cabinet is self-emptying which reduces the build-up of stale feed. A safety coupling prevents damage to the equipment from foreign bodies at the proportioning auger. A stone trap can be mounted on the hopper to separate foreign bodies from feed. This is available as an auxiliary accessory.

The hopper is available in a motorised and cable-driven version for the TransPork® 50.8 mm and in motorised version for the TransPork® 63.5 mm. The motorised versions reduce the load on the cable and also allow more control over filling of the system.

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Revolution Guard
Motorised systems can be delivered with an electrical revolution guard for prevent filling when the system stops.

The Cable used in the SKIOLD TransPork® Dry Feed System from Danagri-3STransPork® Cable
The cable has been treated with a strong rubber alloy between the discs, ensuring that the oil does not dry out. Therefore, it is kept strong and supple so it is not worn out by the system's corners and drive unit, as happens with other systems. Furthermore, the coating prevents possible splinters of frayed cable from entering the feed. Unlike traditional cable systems, the TransPork® drive wheel ensures that the pulling force is constantly directed trough the centre of the discs, reducing wear on both cable and discs.

The Cable Connector used in the SKIOLD TransPork® Dry Feed System from Danagri-3SCable Connector
The cable connector for the SKIOLD TransPork® Dry Feed system avoids the possibility of overload at the connection joint when passing through corners and the drive wheel by being designed to be flexible.

The cable connector has also been especially hardened, and this flexibility helps to extend the lifetime of the cable.

The Corners used in the SKIOLD TransPork® Dry Feed System from Danagri-3SCorners
The TransPork® corners are cast in hard-wearing plastic and can be positioned horizontally, vertically or at any angle. Each heavy-duty inner wheel is fitted with dust-proof ball bearings.

Further protection against damp and feed penetration is provided by the two outer casing parts which are bolted together with stainless steel bolts to ensure a damp-proof and dust-proof seal.

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Control Panels
The Control Panels for TransPork® consists of 3 basic units, which can be combined and extended with a series of modules to provide a flexible program of control units that can be tailored individually and thus meet the demands for each farm situation. All 3 controls have an alarm for motor overload protection and incorrect cable tension. The emphasis for these Control Panels is simplicity and user friendliness.

The Type 0 M Control Panel for the SKIOLD TransPork® Dry Feed System from Danagri-3STransPork® 0 M
The TransPork® 0 M is a simple panel that controls all sorts of ad-lib as well as dispenser systems with manual release.

Combining this panel with a motorised hopper, it is possible to almost completely empty the feed circuit by means of a double-sensor-system (two completion detectors). This avoids a situation of starting up the system when it is full of feed.

The Type 1 and 2 Control Panels for the SKIOLD TransPork® Dry Feed System from Danagri-3S TransPork® 1 & 2
The TransPork® 1 can be connected to an inductive sensor for extra safety when using the motorised hopper. The front panel gives the following individual alarms:
  • thermal disconnection of drive unit or hopper
  • power failure during feed transport
  • wrong cable-tension
  • rotation control recording deviating cable-speed
  • exceeding the pre-set maximum operation time

TransPork® 2 is able to control systems with automatic feed release functions. It also comes with a built-in fully automatic Flow Time Control which is suitable for systems with dispensers or systems where feeding requirements offer small deviations in feed consumption.

The Flow Time Control function keeps an electronic record of the time taken for each feeding. Through the completion detector, the system will learn the required feed quantity and disconnect the motorised hopper in time to avoid the feed circuit filling before the next feed. This reduces load and wear to the system, and an extra completion detector can be saved.

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Technical Specifications
Drive Unit
50 mm
Drive Unit
63 mm
50/63 mm
Transport Pipe, diameter 50.8 mm 63.5 mm 50.8/63.5 mm
Motor, kW 0.55-0.75 0.75-1.1 0.09
Rpm, motor/gear 900/18 900/18, 1400/28 1400/28, 1400/47
Cable speed, ms/min 22 22-34 -
Transport Capacity, kg* 400-850 975-2100 -
Maximum Circuit Length 350/500 400/300 -
Pipe contents 60% full, ltrs/m 0.90 1.45 -
* At density 0.7 and 60% filling
** To be calculated according to dimensions

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