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Danagri-3S offers SKIOLD Mineral Hoppers to complement Flexible Augers and feed conveyors such as SKIOLD's Transpork system.

SKIOLD Mineral Hoppers on site, available from Danagri-3SDanagri-3S offers two sizes of SKIOLD Mineral Hopper:
  • 400 litres
  • 700 litres
These are normally used in conjunction with flexible augers, transpork cable conveyors or 100mm diameter steel augers to move minerals to a mixer or wet feeding tank. A big bag suspension frame is available for larger hoppers to help increase storage capacity.

Mill Hoppers
The combination of the mill sited on the top of the hopper gives an almost dustproof conveying of the ground material to the mixer or silo.

The SKIOLD Mineral Hopper range from Danagri-3SMineral Hopper
This is normally used for premixed mixtures to be conveyed to the mixer or a wet feeding tank. At the conveying point of these mixtures, a flexible auger with a 40 mm pitch is used in order to obtain a low capacity and thus greater accuracy at the weighing point into the mixer.

Where there is limited space available, the two hoppers can be placed on top of one another, but please note that there is an increased filling height on the upper hopper.

Difficult Raw Materials
Certain raw materials do not flow easily in the hopper, i.e. fishmeal. In order to overcome this problem an agitator can be installed, driven by a 0.75 kW gear motor. This makes the material flow constantly during emptying, thus preventing accumulation.

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Technical Specifications
Available for: 400 Litres 700 Litres
75 mm flexible auger YES YES
90 mm flexible auger YES YES
100 mm auger YES YES
Agitator 0.75 kW YES YES

Dimensions (mms) of 400 and 700 Litre Hoppers
Model Length* Width Height
400 1003 1000 952.8**
700 1667 1000 952.8
* Allow sufficient room for motors to be attached
** Height of 400 Litre Hopper 1135.8 with extended legs

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