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Danagri-3S offers the SKIOLD MaxiMat® dry feed system for weaners, porkers and finishers that complements any mill and mix situation.
The SKIOLD MaxiMat® Dry Feeder for weaners, porkers and finishersThe SKIOLD MaxiMat® Dry Feeder from Danagri-3S has the following advantages:
  • The patented slip angles prevent bridge-building
  • Maximat Aqua gives a clear and pure water surface, and is very easy to clean
  • Feeds pigs from 7 to 100 kg
  • Smooth and rounded surfaces promote optimum feed hygiene
  • One-piece plastic moulding makes it easy to keep the feeder clean
Three versions of the SKIOLD MaxiMat® Dry Feeder are available:
The MaxiMat® Weaner is ideal for weaners and finishers. The embedded tapering angles prevent even the most difficult feeds (those which usually cause problems) from sticking. The suspended, easy-to-operate feeding device makes it even possible for weaners to operate the feeder. With only one drinking location in the trough, there is extra room for feeding. MaxiMat® Weaner can serve approximately 60 weaners. The feeder should always be installed with an additional drinking trough. For this purpose, the MaxiMat® Aqua is a good suggestion for the perfect solution.

Basically, the MaxiMat® Porker is the same type of feeder as the MaxiMat® Weaner. The differences are: two nipple drinkers, a stainless steel pressed trough and a stainless reinforcement at the bottom of the feeder. The MaxiMat® Porker can serve up to 50 finishers.

In combination with a feeder, the MaxiMat® Aqua provides the perfect drinking solution. When the pigs are small, it is possible to set the special nipple drinker to "drip", providing the piglets with a clear water surface at all times, even if they have not yet learned to use the nipple drinker. The patented spring suspended drinking trough facilitates draining and cleaning. A clear and pure water surface is vital to the pigs after weaning. With a single grasp the nipple drinker is easily changed from an ordinary drinking trough into a dripping trough.

Alernativeliy, the MaxiMat® Aqua is supplied with AquaLevel, giving a constant water level.

The patented slip angles make the MaxiMat® unique, as bridge-building of feed is counteracted. To prevent any further bridge-building, a spring on the rotating dosing unit keeps the passage from the hopper to the dosing plate clean.

A strong and ergonomically correct adjusting handle, with distinct figures for step-by-step regulation, makes adjustments easy and manageable. The logarithmic scale tunes the setting in the fine grade area for weaners. Cleaning of the drinking trough is easy to do without entering the pen.

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Images of the SKIOLD MaxiMat®
MaxiMat® MaxiMat® MaxiMat® MaxiMat®
MaxiMat® MaxiMat®
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