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Danagri-3S offers a comprehensive range of SKIOLD mixing equipment and machinery to suit any cattle or pig and poultry enterprise and to produce a variety of materials.

The SKIOLD Uni-Mix Range from Danagri-3SDanagri-3S supply the SKIOLD Uni-Mix range of Inclined Mixers. These mixers are very suitable for the precise mixing of almost any mealy or granulated raw material for cattle and calf rations containing crushed ingredients, as well as pig and poultry formulations. Furthermore liquid components such as fat, molasses and oil can be added during the mixing process.

The SKIOLD Uni-Mix range consists of 3 models: the Uni-Mix 500 with a 500 kg dry mixing capacity, the Uni-Mix 1000 with 1000 kg dry mixing capacity and the Uni-Mix 1500 with a 1500 kg dry mixing capacity. The Uni-Mix 500 has a smaller auger (150 mm) and is driven by a chain and belt transmission.

The mixing principle of the Uni-Mix range (below right).

The mixing principle of the SKIOLD Uni-Mix from Danagri-3SThe ingredients are drawn up to the top of the mixer by the action of the large, slow rotating bottom auger (which is driven by a gearmotor in both the Uni-Mix 1000 and 1500 and a belt and chain in the Uni-Mix 500). The ingredients then fall back to the bottom again where they are re-incorporated into the mix via the auger. This process ensures a homogeneous mix of all of the ingredients that constitute the formulated ration.

The auger in a SKIOLD Uni-Mix Mixer from Danagri-3SThis action is gentle on the structure of the ingredients, ensuring that quality is maintained all the way through the mixing process, producing high quality rations.

The Uni-Mix is therefore also very suitable for mixing cattle and calf feed that contains crushed material.

The construction of the SKIOLD Uni-Mix range gives low noise and vibration-free operation, which makes these mixers very well suited for computer controlled plant inclusion, where they can be mounted on load cells.

The Uni-Mix 1000 and 1500 can be fitted with a hammermill in the top cover. The mixers are as standard supplied with hand-operated outlet throttles, but can also be equipped with an emptying auger. Furthermore a cooling fan is available to avoid condensation, which is especially relevant during the mixing of moist and heated raw materials.

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Technical Specifications
UNI-MIX MODEL 500 1000 1500
Mixer volume, litres 1200 2800 3800
Mixer capacity, dry 500 kg 1000 kg 1500 kg
Fat/molasses addition up to 4% up to 6% up to 6%
Mixing time, minutes 10-15 10-15 10-15
Emptying time, minutes 6-8 8-10 10-12
Mixer inclination 30° 27° 27°
Motor 2.2 kW 4.0 kW 5.5 kW
Transmission Belt/chain Gearmotor Gearmotor
Total Weight 230 kg 430 kg 465 kg

The H-2000 SKIOLD Horizontal Mixer from Danagri-3S HORIZONTAL MIXERS

Danagri-3S supply the H-2000 SKIOLD Horizontal Mixer, a semi-industrial, heavy duty batch mixer suitable for mixing almost any kind of meal or granulated raw material with very high accuracy.

The H-2000 is available in 3 formats:
  1. The mixer

  2. A pre-bin

  3. A holding hopper
The great advantage of the combination of the 3 formats of the H-2000 together is the amount of time saved in the mixing process. If each of the three processes takes, for example 10 minutes, together the process only takes about 10 minutes.

The entire mixer is made in solid welded steel with fittings available for many additional options. The cover of the H-2000 mixer is divided into three sections with four 150 mm pipe inlets for raw material intake and is equipped with an inspection door which allows manual addition of extra components, e.g. minerals. Liquid components are added through a nozzle placed at the end of the mixer.

The fully adjustable bearing on the SKIOLD H-2000 Horizontal Mixer from Danagri-3SThe H-2000 is solidly constructed for long life with an inspection door for manual additions and a nozzle for adding liquid components.

One of the mixer end plates is bolted on to the trough, securing easy access to the mixing auger, which is mounted in adjustable bearings.

As standard the mixer is equipped with a Q20 end outlet with either hand or motor operated throttle.

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The double auger arrangement in the H-2000 SKIOLD Horizontal Mixer from Danagri-3SThe H-2000 Horizontal Mixer has an open double auger arrangement situated in a cylindrical mixing trough. The open double auger pulls the material in one direction whilst the smaller central auger pulls in the opposite direction.

This unique operating mechanism allows for homogeneous mixing and therefore produces more accurate rations according to formulation. It also means that there is optimum emptying of the mixer.

The mixing principle of the H-2000 SKIOLD Horizontal Mixer from Danagri-3S The mixing principle of the H-2000 SKIOLD Horizontal Mixer from Danagri-3S (see left)

The pre-bin is either placed directly on top of the H-2000 or installed with flexible connectors and 4 load cells. This latter arrangement allows for computer controlled batch mixing for weighing in. The discharge bin is delivered with a bolt flange for mounting under the mixer.

The H-2000 is supplied with a 11 kW, 1400 rpm electric motor and is capable of mixing to a very high accuracy with capacities from 1 to 7 tonnes/hr in 8-12 minutes.

The mixing volume is 2225 litres or 1 tonne.

Mixing Plants incorporating the H-2000 SKIOLD Horizontal Mixer from Danagri-3S MIXING PLANTS

The H-2000 mixer can be used with SKIOLD's modular feed mills in many ways. For example:
  • the mixer can have load cells mounted for computerized feed mills
  • various types of mills or crushers can be mounted directly on top of the mixer
  • the mixer can be equipped with a pre-bin etc.
In our effort to increase the capacity of traditional computerized batch feed mills, we have developed a mixing arrangement with:
  1. a pre-bin with pneumatic bottom outlet
  2. a version of the H-2000 mixer with double bottom outlet
  3. a discharge bin with extracting auger
The pre-bin is placed either directly on top of the H-2000 mixer, or is installed with a flex connection and four load cells. In computer controlled batch mixing plants, these installation options allow direct weighing-in to the pre-bin. The pre-bin bottom consists of two inclined sides, of which one is equipped with a bottom throttle that opens in the full length of the mixer. The throttle is pneumatically controlled by means of two cylinders and is equipped with indication and a self-locking closing device.

A pipe system equalises the air pressure between the pre-bin and the mixer when the material suddenly drops.

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Mixer Bottom
The mixer bottom consists of two trough shaped throttles which open in the full length of the mixer. The adjustable throttles are fitted on strong through shafts and they are both equipped with open and close indicators.

The throttles are opened and closed by a pneumatic cylinder via a closing device which also has a self-locking safety function.

Discharge Bin
The discharge bin for the H-2000 mixer is delivered with bolt flanges for direct mounting under the mixer. The bin itself is equipped with an empty indicator and it has a large inspection door.

A strong 250 mm trough auger, directly driven by a gearmotor, empties the bin. This emptying auger is equipped with a high level indicator.

A homogeneously mixed ration from the H-2000 SKIOLD Horizontal Mixer from Danagri-3S
A homogeneously mixed ration from the H-2000 SKIOLD Horizontal Mixer
Technical Specifications: MIXER
Mixing volume 2225 litres
Mixing capacity (500 kg/m3) 1000 kg
Fat/oil addition up to* 10%
Mixing time 8-12 min.
Emptying time with Q20 outlet 5-10 min.
Emptying time with pneumatic outlet** 15 sec.
Mixing auger rpm 25
Number of auger flights, large/small 4/8
Motor 11 kW 1400 rpm
Transmission Shaft gear with V-belt drive
Total Weight, H-2000 standard 1000 kg
(*max 40% moisture content)
(** throttle and discharge bin)
Technical Specifications: PRE-BIN
Actual Volume 2225 litres
Capacity (500 kg/l) 1000 kg
Emptying Pneumatically controlled emptying throttle
Necessary air volume/pressure 150 l/h - 8 bar.
Technical Specifications: DISCHARGE BIN
Actual Volume 2225 litres
Capacity (500 kg/l) 1000 kg
Emptying auger 250 mm
Motor 4 kW gearmotor
Emptying capacity 25-30 m3/h
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