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SKIOLD weighing bin from Danagri-3S.Danagri-3S offers the following range of Skiold weighing and proportioning equipment.

Weighing bins are used to pre-weigh components before mixing. This can speed up the mixing process and therefore the output of the mill and mix plant. It can often be useful to pre-weigh certain components such as minerals and supplements where greater accuracy is gained from slower input augers and to reduce the amount of augers going to the mixer.

Skiold weighing bins are suitable for weighing a variety of raw materials with great accuracy. They are constructed from galvanised plates and built up in modules so that they built to the requirements of the client.

WB 300

WB 2500

WB 500
There is a range of four machines three of which WB 500 and WB 1500/2500 are extendable.

WB 300 is the smallest machine and ideal for the pre-weighing of smaller quantities such as minerals. The body is suspended on Skiold Load cells and the cover with inlets is isolated mechanically from the weighing hopper to ensure accuracy. The WB300 can be mounted on a frame to discharge directly into a mixer. Due to the sensitivity of the mechanism it must be situated away from drafts or other air movements.

WB 500 works on the same principle as the WB 300 apart from the hopper is suspended from wires attached to the load cells built into the legs. This allows fine adjustment of the height to ensure even loading of the cells. The basic module has 4 intakes and is emptied by a chain conveyor (DK190) rather than the auger used in the WB 300. The use of the chain conveyor along with the angled sides allow for quick and easy emptying of the bin. The WB 500 can be doubled in size.

WB 2500 is a larger version of the 500 machine, its robust construction gives a steady and vibration free platform for extremely accurate weighing. The modular construction allows the machine to be extended up to 10 metres and is emptied by the same DK 190 chain conveyor with 3kW motor.

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Technical Data
Capacities WB 300 WB 500 WB 1500 WB 2500
Volume m3 0.87 5 7
Volume m3 at L= 4 metres 5 7
Volume m3 at L= 4.8 metres 2.27
Volume m3 at L= 6 metres 7.5 10.5
Volume m3 at L= 7.4 metres 4.54
Volume m3 at L= 8 metres 10 14
Volume m3 at L= 10 metres 6.81 12.5 17.5
Max Weight Kg 300 500 1500 2500
Max intake one position m3 0.5 1
Emptying capacity m3/hr 17.5 50 50 50
Motor kW 1.1 3 3 3
Proportioning accuracy +/- g 100 100 100 100

Skiold Mini Proportioner

The SKIOLD Mini Proportioner from Danagri-3SThe SKIOLD Mini Proportioner from Danagri-3SWhen a high level of accuracy is needed such as the metering of micro-components then the Skiold mini-proportioner is the machine of choice. It is designed with the purpose of the addition of vitamins, mycotoxin binders and medicines that demand a high level of accuracy.

The basic stainless steel unit holds 30kg of product and has its own integral weighing cell and mini-augering system. It works on a 'loss of weight' principle and is accurate to +/- 25g.

It should be situated where it can discharge into a stream of material that is being augered into the mixer thus allowing a degree of pre-mixing.

A basic unit can take up to 3 proportioning cells holding 30kg each. Only one component can be metered out at any one time.

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