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Danagri-3S supply four Roller/Crusher Mills, all from SKIOLD. These machines represent all that is required for producing feed, whether for a few horses or for a farm housing several hundred dairy cows.
Type KB160, KB200 and KB300 SKIOLD Roller Mills from Danagri-3S
The range of SKIOLD Roller/Crusher Mills supplied by Danagri-3S comprises 4 basic models with 2 or 3 driven rollers, variable sized motors and different capacities. All have reduced noise levels and the outlet heights on each of the models in the range are adjustable.

The 3 Rollers PrincipleThe reason why SKIOLD offer either 2 or 3 roller mills is because some ingredients require different settings. For example, beans and peas, being larger than barley and oats, can present problems in the crushing process. With only 2 rollers fitted, the larger ingredients can become isolated on the rollers, rotating with them and remaining uncrushed. This prevents other ingredients from being able to pass through the rollers and therefore reducing speed and capacity. The third roller, set away a little more than the others and fully adjustable, catches the larger ingredients and pre-crushes them, thereby helping to maintain a fast processing time and ensuring the machine works at its optimum efficiency.

Roller/Crusher capacity is adjusted according to the load on the motor by a throttle at the inlet after adjusting the distance between the rollers to the required crushing degree.

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The simplicity and thorough construction of SKIOLD rollers/crushers secures a very high capacity to power ratio. The power consumption for crushing grain is 50 - 70% lower than during the milling process.

The larger rollers/crushers are equipped as standard with a special inlet and heavy magnet separators, placed in a drawer to make it easy to remove for inspection and emptying.

The rollers in all SKIOLD crushers are made of cast iron, giving optimal crushing of raw materials. The cast iron keeps the surface rough for a very long time, and regaining this rough surface is easy to maintain. The rollers are not worn smooth like rollers made of other hard materials.

Crushers have always had a reputation for being very noisy. However, these latest SKIOLD crushers have vibration dampers on their feet, and with slower running motors, the noise level is reduced by up to 10 dBA with minimal effect on capacity.

The 3 Rollers in SKIOLD Crushers
The 3 Rollers in SKIOLD Crushers
The Mechanism for the 3 Rollers
The Mechanism for the 3 Rollers

Adjusting the crushing degree
Adjusting the crushing degree

The magnetic separator
The magnetic separator

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SKIOLD crushers can be incorporated into other modular SKIOLD plants with mixers, silos, transport augers, cleaners, etc.

KB 160
The KB 160 has a 4 kW economical electric motor as its capacity covers most needs on livestock farms with 40 to 150 dairy cows, and is available with 3 driven rollers. The 2 roller version is meant for crushing the usual cereals like oats, barley and wheat. If the KB 160 is used for crushing peas, maize or beans, the third roller is necessary for pre-crushing. If the KB 160 is purchased with 2 rollers, it is possible to mount a third roller in the existing crusher.

The capacity of the KB 160 is dependent upon the crop to be crushed and the number of driven rollers. Barley, wheat, oats, maize and peas give between 450 to 1700 kg/hr.

KB 300
The KB 300 has a 7.5 kW economical electric motor and 3 driven rollers. The capacity is dependent upon the crop to be crushed, but the KB 300 addresses the needs of the largest farms. Barley, wheat, oats, maize and peas give between 900 to 3000 kg/hr.

PTO Driven Mills
Models KB 160 and KB 300 can all be supplied with PTO Drive or electric motors. Please ask for details.

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Technical Specifications
KB 160 KB 300
Motor @1400 rpm, kW 4 7.5
Number of driven rollers 3 3
Roller diameter, mm 290 290
Roller width, mm 160 300
Pre-crushing roller diameter, mm 130 130
Pre-crushing roller width, mm 150 290
Weight, incl motor (kgs) 260 460

Capacity in standard crops with roller distance of 0.1-0.5mm
KB 160 KB 300
kg/hr / dBA kg/hr / dBA
Barley 450-1200 / 93-97 900-2000 / 92-96
Wheat 500-1300 / 93-97 1100-2500 / 92-96
Oats 750-1700 / 92-95 1300-3000 / 92-94
Maize 450-1100 / 96-97 1000-2100 / 92-96
Peas 400-1000 / 96-97 900-1700 / 95-97

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