Skiold  Excellence in the Production and Handling of Animal Feed Skiold Headquarters in Saeby, Denmark

Specialised Equipment for
Animal Feed & Flour Plants
SKIOLD HOLDING has several production and trading companies which together forms one of Europe's leading producers and exporters of specialised equipment for the production and handling of animal feed and for milling of crops for human consumption.
Millstones Flour
SKIOLD's development, from village forge and iron foundry serving local agriculture in 1877, to a modern manufacturing facility today has given it the experience, knowledge and expertise to produce quality products.

Although we are famous for our modern, high-tech computer controlled plants for fully automated feed production, we are also very proud of our simple stone and hammer mills, which can still be seen working in small villages in Africa after more than 30 years operation, bearing witness to the quality and durability of our products.

Today SKIOLD is a major world player with a number of subsidiary companies, and since 1980, has been based in modern factory buildings in Saeby, north Denmark.

We aim to produce complementary products throughout the SKIOLD group. A good example of this is in the production of machinery and equipment for the pig industry, where SKIOLD Saeby produces the dry feeding systems and SKIOLD Echberg the wet feeding systems. The acquisition of both Hampshire Feeding Systems in the UK and Acemo in France fits neatly into this complementary philosophy.

Research and Technology
With our own Research and Development department staffed by engineers and technicians, we can develop and test new products that will meet the growing demands for new equipment and technology from agriculture, both now and in the future.

Experts on Exports Worldwide
SKIOLD operates worldwide. We have more than 50 years experience of exporting, installation and service all over the world. No other company in our field knows the variable demands from around the world as we do.

Our thorough knowledge of marketing conditions and commercial uses, for example in Eastern Europe and Africa, gives us a better understanding of the needs of these countries, keeping us ahead of other companies in the market place.

The SKIOLD product programme is supplied all over the world. Western Europe forms the largest part of our customer base for farm-produced animal feed, with turnkey installations and factories for animal feed production into Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. Machinery for milling ingredients for human consumption is mainly sold into Africa and the Middle East.

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